Apex: (919) 270-0361

Wilmington: (910) 599-7247


When a tree damaged the windshield of my Jaguar, I needed to have it repaired right away.  I called Griffeth Auto Glass and they arrived within 30 minutes.  It was fixed perfect!  I highly recommend them when you need to get your windshild repaired.       

                            - Paula J. Cattano, Apex, NC

I had a sunroof that was leaking and needed to be replaced.  I called Griffeth Auto Glass for a free quote and set up an appointment to have it fixed.  They arrived on time and did a fantastic job.  Griffeth Auto Works rocks!  I would recommend them for any repairs that you need to get taken care of.   

                            - Carol Pemberton, Willow Springs, NC

I had the most annoying crack right in the driver's side sight of vision.  I went for weeks with this crack until I spotted one of Griffeth Auto Glass' mobile services and jotted down their number.  Not only did they fix it, but it was only $60!  I should have had this done weeks ago...I now have their number speed dialed into my phone.   

                            - Nathan Feeney, Fuquay Varina, NC